Vaughn Dragland

[Vaughn Dragland & family in Hawaii - April 1, 2000: L-R Cornelia, Amanda, Vaughn, and Michael. Seated: Fallon.]


I was born in 1950 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My father was Lawrence Dale Dragland, son of Rudy Magnus Dragland, son of Mikal Olsen Dragland, son of Ole Thorson, from Dragland, Norway. My mother's name was Nona May Cuthill, (nee Nona May Annon.) I have one sister: Jeanne Ellen Morrison, and four brothers: Michael David Gnam, Dean Morgan Dragland, Brad Michael Dragland, and Todd Leroy Dragland.

I went to the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, and have lived all over Alberta; in Terrace, BC; in Denver Colorado; and now (since 1978) in Toronto, Ontario. I love to travel and have visited almost every state in the USA, almost every province in Canada, and a few places in Europe, (so far...)

I have one son: Michael Raymond Dragland, who was born in 1975. His mother is Jane Louise Goodall.

I live in Toronto with my wife Cornelia Dragland (nee Cornelia Schillup). We have two daughters: Amanda Vale Dragland (1986), and Fallon Rachel Dragland (1988). We have 2 cats (Daredevil and Oliver) and a beautiful golden retriever / standard poodle cross (Toby).

As a hobby, I am the Editor and Publisher of a computer trade magazine, named the "TUG magazine." If you are interested in seeing a few of my articles, follow this link:

Or, have a look at my online portfolio at: