Tim Fountain

Hello Draglands!

My grandmother was Corrine Bjerke (daughter of Lydia Kristofa Dragland DFA 177.9) and my grandfather was Alfred Fountain. My father, Lorance Keith Fountain took the last name Fountain when Corrine married Alfred. I don't recall the details of when my father was born. He recently passed within the last 4 -5 years in Sacramento at home. He was married to Tami Fountain (Fitzgerald) who still lives in their home in Sacramento. I was born in Sacramento, CA. I have two sons Jacob Fountain and Aricin Fountain, both born in Medford Oregon. I am currently married to Kirsten Fountain. We don't expect to have children. My father had a sister too, who had a daughter Cheri. She is about 4 years older than me, living in Sacramento, CA.

Anyway, life is great here and I hope you are all well. Below are me & my wife (Kirsten) and Kirsten's mother at our wedding in The Redwoods, February 2, 2020.

Tim Fountain

Growing up, I attended family reunions in San Jose, CA and was close to Howard and Eline (sp) who would travel down from Oregon to visit. It's been a long, long, long time since I've been part of any reunion and am glad there continues to be gatherings. I currently live in Medford, Oregon.

Below is my oldest son Jacob who read a poem at the wedding.

Jacob Fountain