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Marlene Livingstone

July, 2001
Hello Draglands:

I'm fairly new to this computer thing so I think what I will do is mail in a book of what I have. But I just contacted another Dragland Family member and he's sending me his family records. So when I put it on I will copy it for you. I think I have almost 700 decedents to Thor Nilson on my computer to date but I started collecting back in 1976 and I've had to put it on twice for one of my grandsons deleted the file! Have you found grandpa Mikal's ship records as yet? Or his Naturalisation Papers? If not I'm going to order them, for I have received the info on them.

Last year I went down to Grandforks, North Dakota and received copies of some of the kids' christening papers. I will enclose a copy for you in the book I will send. I also got a picture of the house they lived in. But am unsure of what info you want. My father's last name was Walker (Robert Smart). But my Charts will give you a lot of info unless you want to explain to me how I can GED it to you. I have the PAF4 Program.

Keep in touch,