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DFA Oracle for Thursday May 23, 2019


President's Message 2019Brad Dragland

I hope all is well with everyone here in Canada and around the world. No new news to report about the possibility of a Dragland reunion for 2020, except to say for various reasons Cuba and Mexico won't be considered as countries to host  this event. But discussions are on going with the Dragland Family Association's board of directors, and I am confident that we will find a great country to get together in.
If anyone has any suggestions, please forward them to myself or any of my siblings (Jeanne, Dean, Todd or Vaughn).

I would like to acknowledge and thank our DFA  founder and current DFA treasurer (Vaughn Dragland) for all he has done for the Dragland family association. I think it is fair to say and really does go without saying that without Vaughn's expertise, tireless dedication and devotion the Dragland Family Association wouldn't exist as it does today. So thank you Vaughn and keep up the good work!

It is with mixed emotions that I announce this will be my final year as DFA president. Due to term limits in place, a new president will be elected in 2020. At this time I won't be endorsing anyone for the 2020 presidency, but I will wish the very best success to my successor (whomever he or she may be)

Best wishes to all Draglanders around the world!
Yours Sincerely,

DFA President Bradley Michael Dragland

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Emails Wanted

There are probably hundreds of Dragland Family members who should be receiving this newsletter, but they aren't because we don't have their email address. If you know of any such persons, please ask them to subscribe at this link: or simply send their email address to

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Viking medallionMembership Info

Here are some details on our various DFA membership levels:

  1. Associate Member

            • Free
            • Eligible to receive family newsletter
            • May have name/phone number/email address published on directory
               (if desired)
            • May submit stories and photos for the website
            • Receives invitation to family reunions and other events
            • Eligible for password to detailed (confidential) family tree

  1. Regular Member

            • Dues are $30 per year (payable on your birthday)
            • Includes all benefits of Associate Member, plus:
            • Eligible for email address

  1. Gold Member

            • Dues are $100 per year (payable on your birthday)
            • Includes all benefits of Regular Member, plus:
            • Eligible to receive annual financial statements
            • Eligible to serve on planning committees
            • Eligible for seat on the DFA Board of Directors

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Family Tree Links


  1. Descendants of Nils Hallvardson Limmesand, (1750 - 1804)
    (For security reasons, most birthdays and anniversaries of living persons have been excluded.)

  2. Full Family Tree -- MEMBERS ONLY
    (userid & password required)
    Last updated: Nov 15, 2016.

    If you are a Dragland Family member, and would like to know the userid & password, click on the following link to send a request message:

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Call for Papers

Note: If you have any announcements, stories, photos, etc. that you would like to share with family members, send them to and say you would like to be published in the DFA Oracle. We would all love to hear from you!

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